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TW Ridley Team

Meet Our Family 

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Shane Ridley, Owner 

Adam Delvo, Project Manager

Cody Hammel, Project Manager

Shane has proven his serious devotion and diligence and integrity through every project he has managed. With over 21 years of experience in commercial construction, he has built a cadre of skills, project management and site supervision. He takes his work and position seriously that he feels the ownership of the project through every aspect and each detail. Working closely with every client and collaborator he has shown his sincerity through a skill in communication and seeing the project through the eyes of the client. Each phase of the project comes under his discerning, experienced eye. He can see the project from concept to completion and is able use his talent in communication to share that vision with all collaborators.

Adam is a dedicated project manager with over 7 years of custom home and commercial construction experience. He delivers high-quality products that withstand the diverse elements of Montana while maintaining budget and schedule objectives. Adam maintains constant communication with everyone involved in the project from owners, architects and designers to subcontractors, superintendents, and field crews. He believes the most fluid and successful projects involve everyone working together and communicating effectively to meet the same end goal.

Cody credits his successful projects on the relationships he’s made. He believes that showing owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors that “you’ve got their back” is the best way to ensure projects are completed efficiently and will guarantee continued success down the road. Cody has spent six years in the commercial construction industry as both a field engineer and a project manager, managing one to three million-dollar projects. He has gained experience building restaurants, schools, office remodels, and exterior improvements.


Heidi Ridley, Executive Assistant 

Teal Francis, Accounting Lead/HR

Shiloh McCormick, Admin Support

Charlie Blankenbaker, Superintendent


Adam Morgan, Superintendent 

Dan Swaningson, Superintendent

Jesse Noel, Superintendent

Tyler Lynch, Superintendent


John Stauduhar, Superintendent 

Kip Welborn, Superintendent 

Nick Ankney, Superintendent 

Tracy Bray, Superintendent 

Colton Tipton, Superintendent 

Joe Scott, Superintendent 

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We Love What We Do

Our team includes individuals with decades of experience in commercial construction. We are experts in cost estimating, scheduling, and budgeting.

Functioning as a unified team includes communicating and collaborating with all participants and is key to our success.  Our group communicates with the owner, owner’s rep, designers, consultant, and others throughout the project.   

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